Maidenhead About Us Page

Thanks for visiting our web site and hello there, we are Gillian and Stephen and we got interested by internet sites about 10 years ago.

The Maidenhead website was made, with the help of an inspiration that we've already been perfecting for a long time now, it was subsequently quite a lot of fun to try, maddening every once in awhile, nonetheless in the end rewarding, delivering an amazing sense of triumph & delight.

User-friendly sites are our objective, and internet sites that won't frighten away our visitors with many annoying pop-up boxes, endlessly seeking to sell you stuff that you do not need.

Although we are not reluctant to admit the point that we do need to try to generate a a bit of revenue from our sites, in an effort to keep everything on line and functioning, we do at all times seek to supply you with content which is worthwhile for all of our welcome readers on almost every article of the website.

We trust that you will have the same amount of joy checking out the online site, like we achieved building it, we can then be contented that we have carried out our obligation properly.

Enjoy, Steve & Gill - August 2012.