Maidenhead About Us Page

Here is our web site and hey there, our names are Stephen and Gillian and we became curious about online sites around 8 yrs ago.

Bringing us an outstanding sense of accomplishment and delight, we built the Maidenhead web site, using a concept that we've already been perfecting for some time now, it was actually incredibly troublesome on occasions, and yet lots of fun to accomplish and in due course worthwhile.

With luck this web site should not frighten you off by having frustrating pop-up windows, always endeavoring to sell you something or get you to sign up to a newsletter you really don't want to get (stuffing your e mail inbox with junk mail).

While we're not ashamed to convey the fact that we have to attempt to create a a bit of income from our internet sites, as a way to to help keep all this online and working, myself and Gill typically endeavor to provide something that is valuable for visitors on almost every webpage of this website.

If you have equally as much satisfaction from going through the internet site as we gained constructing it, then we can be contented that we have accomplished our job sufficiently well.

Enjoy, Steve & Gill - Summer 2014.