Maidenhead About Us Page

Here is our internet site and hi all, we are Steve and Gill & we became involved in web-sites approximately eight yrs ago.

Providing us an exceptional feeling of achievement and satisfaction, we built this Maidenhead online site, applying a good idea that we've been implementing for a while now, it was actually really problematic occasionally, however plenty of fun to accomplish and in the long run rewarding.

User-friendly and uncomplicated internet sites are our objective, and sites that won't scare off our customers with those annoying pop-up windows, frequently trying to sell you stuff that you do not need.

We do attempt to provide you with content that is interesting on almost every web page, even if we aren't embarrassed to own up to the fact that some of us do need to create a modest cash wherever feasible, to always keep our various websites operating, up to date and on the web.

We trust that you might have the same amount of joy going through the internet site, like we encountered building it, we can then be glad we've done the job proficiently.

Have fun, Gill and Steve - May 2012.