Maidenhead About Us Page

Hey there, we are Gill and Steve & we have now been developing online sites for more than 9 yrs.

This site was created, employing a concept that we have been engaged on for a long time now, it needless to say was a remarkable deal of fun to complete, difficult on occasion, nonetheless eventually fulfilling, providing a tremendous sensation of triumph and pleasure.

With luck this web site won't frighten you off by using irritating pop-up windows, continually hoping to sell you rubbish or maybe get you to sign up for a newsletter you really do not want to end up with (stuffing your e mail inbox with useless posts).

Coming up with great facts on each and every web page of our site is truly our principal goal, whilst myself and gill still need to make cash in order to always keep the whole lot functioning, so you may come across some online advertising, please excuse us for that, we try not to go over the top.

It is our hope that you will have as much fun going through the site, like we just had creating it, we shall then be proud that we have performed the task effectively.

Enjoy, Steve and Gill Locke - Summer 2012.