Maidenhead About Us Page

Hi there, our names are Gillian and Stephen and we've been constructing online sites for almost 8 years.

We created the Maidenhead web site, applying an approach that we've already been implementing for a while now, bringing us a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pleasure, it has been lots of fun to do, frustrating every once in awhile, nevertheless in due course fulfilling.

User friendly web sites are our target, and web-sites that do not frighten away our visitors with all those exasperating pop-up windows, always trying to sell you something that you don't need.

We routinely strive to provide content that is informative on pretty much every article, nonetheless we aren't embarrassed to confess that some of us have to generate a modest revenue wherever possible, to always keep the websites operating, current and on the internet.

We trust that you will have just as much joy checking out the web-site, like we had developing it, we can then be happy we have carried out our job successfully.

Enjoy, Steve and Gill - July 2012.