Maidenhead About Us Page

Here is our internet site and hello, we are Steve & Gill & we became fascinated with online sites approximately 10 yrs ago.

We created the Maidenhead web site, implementing a notion that we have actually been working on for quite a while now, supplying us an incredible sense of fulfillment and delight, it was plenty of fun to attempt, frustrating on occasion, but in the end rewarding.

We definitely strive to make a internet site which is easy to use and never overly full of pop-up boxes and commercials.

We continuously strive to offer you content that is valuable on every single page, whilst we are really not embarrassed to convey that some of us need to produce a small money where possible, to always keep our websites working, updated and on-line.

We can be genuinely relieved, if you will have just as much fun looking at the website like we undeniably just had building it, then our job is completed.

Have fun, Steve and Gill - January 2012.