Maidenhead About Us Page

Hey, we are Gill and Steve & we have actually been building and promoting sites for upwards of 7 years.

We created this site, implementing a good idea that we have been engaged on for some time now, delivering us an amazing sense of accomplishment and pleasure, it actually was plenty of fun to attempt, quite frustrating from time to time, but in due course gratifying.

We relentlessly hope to put together a website which is simple to use and not far too crammed with pop-up windows & advertisements.

We continually make sure to give you something that is informative on pretty much every page, even if we're not ashamed to state that some of us need to produce a little bit of income wherever the possibility arises, to continue to keep this and other websites running, updated and on-line.

We shall be especially happy, if you will have the same amount of enjoyment going through the web site like we certainly had constructing it, then the task is performed.

Enjoy, Steve & Gill - November 2013.