Maidenhead About Us Page

Thanks for visiting our web-site and greetings, our names are Stephen and Gillian and we got serious about web sites around 10 yrs ago.

Delivering us a remarkable sense of accomplishment and pleasure, we produced the internet site, implementing an idea that we have been engaged on for quite a while now, it actually was quite difficult now and then, but plenty of fun to do and in the long run satisfying.

We normally try and design a web site that is simple to use and never far too stuffed with pop-up boxes & adverts.

Even though we are not ashamed to confess the point that we really do need to attempt to generate a a little cash from our internet sites, in order to to help keep all this on the internet & functioning, myself and Steve typically aim to produce something that is helpful for all our website visitors on each individual web page of this site.

We can be genuinely thankful, if you have the same amount of enjoyment surfing the web site like we undoubtedly just had producing it, then our obligation is completed.

Enjoy, Gill and Steve - September 2013.